How do I sign up for a The Family membership?

  • To sign up for a The Family membership, visit You can choose from the following membership levels:
    • The Family: This free tier will add you to Brothers Osborne email list
    • Standard: This $19.99 (annual) tier gives you access to exclusive content, the opportunity to apply for meet and greet passes, access to pre-sale tickets*, opportunity to attend fan club parties, online community, and more. (*being a paid member does not guarantee you pre-sale tickets. See note below about pre-sales)
    • Premium: This $39.99 (annual) tier gives you access to the same features as the Standard membership but also includes a merchandise bundle.

    How do I renew my membership?

  • To manually renew your membership, log in to your membership at and click “Manage membership.” OR You can turn on “Auto-renew” under “Manage Membership” and your membership will automatically renew annually.

  • How do I manage my account (I.E. Email, credit Card info, etc?)

  • Log in at and click “Edit profile” then “Settings” at the top right.

  • I have a question or issue that needs attention. Who can I email?

  • Please email with any questions.


    How do I participate in a pre-sale?

  • You must be a paid member of The Family. Once you’re a member, you will receive pre-sale information via email as it becomes available. If pre-sale information is sent prior to you purchasing a membership, you need to email to receive that information. IT WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY SENT TO YOU OR ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.

  • I purchased a membership in order to participate in a pre-sale but either I did not receive the code in time and/or the seats were not to my satisfaction. Can I receive a refund for my membership?

  • When you purchase a membership, having access to pre-sale tickets is a perk, but not a guarantee. Because of this we do not offer refunds for your membership if you are not able to participate in a pre-sale and/or do not receive tickets to your satisfaction.

  • Why are there pre-sale ticket opportunities for some shows but not others?

  • If a pre-sale is not offered at the show of your choice, it is because there are factors beyond our control that don’t allow a pre-sale.

  • I bought tickets to a show and now I am unable to attend. Can I get a refund or transfer my tickets to my friends?

  • You need to contact your original point of purchase for refund or transfer availability. If we are not the original point of purchase, we cannot facilitate a refund or transfer on their behalf.


    How do I request a meet and greet?

  • First, you must be a paid member of the Family in order to apply for a meet and greet. Meet and greets are only awarded through a lottery system. The meet and greet is free but it does not include entry to the show. You can enter for a meet and greet at

  • If I win a meet and greet, can I bring a guest?

  • Yes! Each winner receives 2 meet and greet passes which are left at Will Call at the box office along with directions on when and where to meet. You can pick up your envelope as soon as the venue doors open. You must have your ID to pick up your passes.

  • Am I guaranteed a meet and greet?

  • No. As a member of The Family you have the ability to apply for as many meet and greets as you would like; however, the winners are randomly selected through the meet and greet contest. Also, you can only win one meet and greet per 12 months.

  • Can I just buy a meet and greet pass?

  • No

  • If I win a meet and greet but cannot attend, can I give my pass to someone else or transfer it to another show?

  • No. Meet and greet passes are non-transferable. They cannot be given to another person or used at another show. This is why it’s important to only apply for meet and greets when you already have tickets to the show and know you’ll be able to attend.